Rapid Software provides a comprehensive suite of services to suit the requirements of the client. They are Permanent Staffing, Contract staffing and training.

Permanent Staffing

We at Rapid Software specializes in recruiting senior and middle level management positions in our focused industry. We are capable of headhunting people with special skills at all levels of the company. Our teams are trained to network on various platforms to source talent suitable for employment.

Contract Staffing

Contract staffing is a boon to the employees and the employers in the current scenario of high cost of acquiring talent.Rapid Software has a large pool of consultants with various important skill sets,who will be available for clients on short notice. Our consultants can come aboard within a short time for both short term and long term requirements. We have a large pool of talent, which is both active and passive. The candidates trust us to find them suitable companies to work for and the companies for finding the suitable candidates.


We are planning to come out with a suite of training programs to meet the skillgaps in the industry.