The best assets of a company in the Information Technology industry walk out of their offices every day. The assets are the employees or associates who work for the company. IT industry has faced many challenges in the growth over the past couple of decades. One of the many challenges faced by the IT industry is the employees and their quality. Considering that only 15% of the candidates are job ready, it becomes difficult for the companies to recruit the right talent. The talent available will be difficult to get because competition is also looking for them. In this scenario, one of the options for the companies is to outsource the recruitment of talent thereby saving costs and time. The human resource recruitment consultants fill the gap between the candidates and the talent requirements ofthe companies. A group of committed professionals have come together to fill this gap by forming Rapid Software.

Rapid Software has been started with one objective. Finding the right talent for the client. This is headed by a team with a combined experience of 3 decades. The team has worked in various capacities in IT industry and processes. We, at Rapid Softwareunderstand the challenges involved in finding the right talent. Our primary focus is in meeting the talent requirements of the Information Technology and Bio Informatics Industry. Rapid Software provides a win-win solution in finding the right talent.

Our way of doing

We atRapid Softwareare in constant lookout for talent available in the market.We proactively source talent to suit various future requirements. As we keep sourcing the talent, we will be able to meet the demands of the clients on a short notice, which helps them to jumpstart the projects.

How do we stay ahead?

We at Rapid Software keep tracking the trends in the industries of our clients. This enables us to visualize the future requirements of the clients and proactively source talent. When the talent is not available in the Greenfield sectors, we try to encourage the candidates available with us to choose those sectors, thereby meeting the needs of the both parties.

We have developed a process to validate the candidate for meeting the client’s requirement. This process helps to separate the wheat from the chaff. This process through constant feedback from the clients fine tunes the search and match of the candidates.

We at Rapid Software understand that the job is not finished with on-boarding of the candidate. We help the candidate in integrating into the process in which the person is placed. We constantly monitor the candidate to meet the requirements of the clients.In case a candidate needs to be replaced for whatever reasons, we find a quick replacement.

Our Objective

Our objective is to help the companies maximize their efficiency by providing them with the best resources in the market

Our Vision

Rapid Software wants to become the preferred partner of the IT industry in talent sourcing globally.

Our Mission

To inculcate the culture of delivering the best-in-class service quality to mould careers of individuals and to help the clients in building highly talented workforce. Our high-value approach swiftly and cost-effectively enables clients to recruit professionals perfectly customized to their immediate brand needs.

Our Team

Rapid Software has been started by individuals who have a collective experience of more than 3 decades. The top level team has been involved in various projects over the period of time. They have achieved the required level of competence to understand and fulfill the needs of the industry.

Our recruiting teams have been trained to understand, judge and match the candidate’s caliber with the requirement of the client. They are constantly trained to finetune their ability to source the suitable talent.